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Creative Research Systems offers web survey software, live online reports and full-service web survey hosting.

There are two ways to do online surveys using the Web/Internet or an intranet:

When using email surveys you send a survey to a list of respondents, and they reply with their answers. When using Web page surveys, you post your questionnaire on a Web page. People then visit that page and answer your questions. The Survey System's Web/Internet Survey Software Module includes both types of surveys. Email surveys are described on a separate page. Web page surveys are described here. Sample online surveys are presented below.

As part of a comprehensive online survey software package, The Survey System's Web page questionnaire software offers sophisticated questionnaire logic features not found in most "Web survey" software packages. These features mean higher quality data. After you collect your survey data, you can produce more impressive tables, charts, and text reports than you can with other packages. You can even produce reports online.

Another benefit of this comprehensive web survey software solution is that you enter your question and answer choice text and any logic instructions only once. Then you can use them for Web page surveys, email surveys, paper questionnaires, and telephone interviews.

Web Survey Sample

Web Survey Software Appearance Features

Questionnaire Logic Features

Email Integration & Invitations

Sample Web/Internet Questionnaires

These sample web questionnaires are designed to illustrate some features of our software. They are not intended as model questionnaires per se. Please try them all. They illustrate some different appearance choices and logic features.

Web Survey Hosting

Web page surveys must be hosted on a Windows-based Web server. A major advantage of using Windows to host surveys is that you can test the actual survey using your browser on your own PC before uploading it to the Web server.

If your site is not on a Windows server, we offer Web survey hosting. The pages can look like part of your site.

To enhance security, the instructions and data can be stored in a folder that is not set up to be accessible from the Web.

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