PDA Survey Software - Smartphone Survey Software

Small, light PDAs and smartphones are ideal for conducting in-person surveys at malls, amusement parks, movie theaters, airports, and other public locations. The Survey System's PDA Survey Software Module offers superior features for conducting both simple and complex interviews on Windows-based Pocket PC/Windows Mobile 6.5 and earlier handheld computers and smartphones. See our Android survey software page for interviewing with Android devices.

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PDA Surveys & Voice Capture & Other Survey Modules

Our Voice Capture Software Module solves the problem of recording extensive comments on PDAs by letting you record respondents' answers in their own voices. You can later play back these answers for coding and analysis.

You can use either standalone PDAs or PDAs connected to the Web. Transfer questions and answers to and from standalone PDAs using a cradle or removable storage card. The Survey System automatically combines data from different PDAs. There is no need to re-enter data manually into the computer. The number of questions in a survey and the number of interviews that can be conducted are limited only by the PDA's memory. View an animated sample offline PDA survey.

PDA Web interviews use the Internet Module with the PDA Survey Module to create online questionnaires that are optimized for the small screen size of a PDA or smartphone and sometimes slow connections. See Web survey software for a description of online surveys or view a sample Mobile Web survey.

The combination data collection option of our Mobile survey software module lets you run a survey in stand-alone mode, but then send a copy of the data to a Web site for live reports. This combination mode is ideal when you want centralized data collection, but your PDAs or smartphones have Internet connections that are too slow for showing questions.

The Survey System's PDA surveys and questionnaires offer sophisticated questionnaire logic features resulting in higher quality data with more impressive tables, charts and text reports than you can create with other packages. You can even produce reports online.

Windows Mobile LogoUnlike many other packages you only need enter your question and answer choices and logic instructions once whether for PDA interviews (CAPI), Web surveys, email surveys, paper questionnaires and telephone interviews. The Survey System will adapt them into the necessary format for each type.