Online Telephone Interviewing (CATI) Software & Survey Sample Management

Web-based CATI (Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing) Software

Traditional telephone interviewing requires that all the interviewers be in a central location to connect to a server over a local network.  The Survey System's Web CATI Module works with our desktop CATI software and Web survey software to bring telephone interviewing online.  Now your interviewers can work from anywhere they have a browser and an Internet connection. 

Interviewers log in to a particular study and see a Web page showing the next available telephone number, an opening script and any other information, such as a name that you have associated with that telephone number.  You can also let them see the results of prior attempts to call that number and any comments left by themselves or other interviewers. 

Interviewers can make calls using standard telephones, VOIP or a click-to-call feature, which lets them click on the phone number to make a call.  They then click a button to start an interview, make an appointment to call someone back, leave a comment or record the result of the call attempt.

Interviewers can start a telephone interview and then hand it over to the respondent to complete it as a web survey.

Our Web CATI software lets you produce all the various live online detail and survey summary reports you need to effectively manage your project. These include total and per-hour results-by-interviewer, results per day or per attempt, the number of telephone numbers still active, cooperation rates, and more.

The Survey System can automatically enforce quotas based on pre-existing information or questions in the interview. You can view the data while interviewing is in progress.




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