New Features in The Survey System Version 11.0

Version 11 adds many exciting new features to make your surveys and reports even more impressive. Other new features make The Survey System simpler to use and save you time. You can move your mouse over an image on this page to enlarge it, just as you can in surveys.

(If you do not have Version 10.5, also see What's New in Version 10.5)

Tooltip/Pop-up Help Example



Dashbaord Example


Responsive Design Example

Web Surveys

Call Window with Large Introductory Font


Android Start Screen Example

Off-line Mobile Surveys

Panel Management


Chart Technology Notes

Earlier versions of The Survey System created charts using a Java applet. Until recently Java was the most common technology used for web applications, but now Google and other browser publishers consider Java to be a security threat. Users of recent browsers need to grant special permission to let Java run and soon will not be able to let Java run at all in some browsers. Version 11.0 now lets users create JavaScript charts, which work in all browsers without requiring special permission.