Email Surveys

We greatly value your opinion and would like you to help us by answering a few questions.

Please complete this survey by clicking on the Reply button in your e-mail program and filling in the answers to the survey's questions. If the questionnaire text does not appear in the reply, you can change your e-mail program's options to make it appear or you can copy this questionnaire text to the clipboard and paste it into the reply. Either way, please make sure the e-mail Subject contains the word "example."

For multiple choice questions, please put an "X" between the brackets to the left of your choice (e.g." [x ]"). For other kinds of questions, please put your answer itself between the brackets (e.g. "[42 ]" or "[Your comment here]"). Extra spaces between the brackets do not matter.

Thank you.

What is your gender?

      [   ] Male
      [   ] Female

How many miles do you drive to work each day? [   ]

How often to you do each of the following activities:

      Ride a bike    [   ] Often      [   ] Sometimes      [   ] Never
      Hike       [   ] Often      [   ] Sometimes      [   ] Never
      Swim      [   ] Often      [   ] Sometimes      [   ] Never
      Jog         [   ] Often      [   ] Sometimes      [   ] Never

Why do you or don't you like to exercise?
   [         ]

To send this survey back to us use the Reply to Author feature in your e-mail program.

Please be sure that the word "example" appears in the subject of that reply.

Thank you very much!