Web Survey Software Question Types

Posted on : October 12, 2015 - by :

There are some types of questions you can use in online surveys that are not practical in telephone or mail surveys. Depending on your web survey software you may be able to ask each of the following kinds of questions.

Heat map questions let you record where people click on an image. A basic heat map considers the image as a whole and reports where people click. A report of the results of this kind of question is an image with different colors representing different rates of clicking in different locations. A variation on heat maps offered by The Survey System lets you divide an image into sections and record how many people click on each section. In this case a report is not an image, but rather a table quantifying how many times people clicked on each section, similar to a report on how many times people picked the different choices in a multiple choice question. The latter variation can be particularly useful in determining reactions to an ad.

Online questionnaires let you show images and play video, which can be impractical in other data collection methods

Another question type lets you click on words in a paragraph. This type is useful for advertising copy testing.

A highly specialized type of question is to let people view and select items from a restaurant menu. The software shows them a running tally of their order, with or without a running total of the cost of the order. This type of test can help restaurants evaluate prospective menu items.

Previous types of questions can only be used online. Web survey software can also offer visual ways to collect data that could potentially be collected via phone or mail. One of these is ranking questions. An online survey can present the ranking task as dragging a series of items into a respondent’s preferred order. Another online technique can be show sliders for entering numbers, such as ratings.