Web Survey Software Question Appearance Options

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The way your questions look can affect how many people answer them.  Some question layouts can be easier or harder for some people to understand.  You want to be sure that your survey is easily understandable by your target population or some of them may misunderstand what you’re asking and so give a different answer than that might give if they did fully understand the question.  If the survey is hard to understand or fill out or simply unattractive, some people will drop out in the middle.

The simple online tools give you few, if any, options on how your questions look.  More sophisticated your web survey software package offer many ways to customize the appearance of your questions.

One simple choice is which fonts or fonts to use.  The simplest packages use one font for the entire survey and may have even give you a choice as to what that is.  More sophisticated packages that you choose different fonts for different parts of your questions.  For example, you may want question text to be larger than answer choice text.  The most sophisticated packages let you vary colors and fonts within individual questions.  You can use this ability to emphasize particular words or phrases or to make it clear that you are providing instructions which are not part of the question wording itself.  The Survey System lets you enter or edit questions inside a word processor, giving you maximum flexibility in how your questions look.

The simplest type of question is multiple-choice, in which you present a series of answer choices from which people will choose.  Sophisticated web survey software will offer you a variety of options on how to present the answer choices.  They can be shown in a single vertical column, a single horizontal line, in two or more columns of answer choices or in a drop-down list.

Another option that a sophisticated package should offer is to use a mouseover color, whereby answer choices are highlighted when the mouse moves over them.  This kind of moving highlighting can make your survey easier to take, which encourages people to complete it.

Your package should also offer options on how the field for comment type questions is displayed.  You should be able to set the maximum width and height of the answer space independently from specifying the maximum number of characters you will accept.  You should also have the option to display a countdown telling the user how many more characters they can enter as they type in their answer.

These are just some of the ways in which sophisticated web survey software lets you customize the appearance of your questions.

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