Using Email with Web Survey Software

Posted on : July 1, 2016 - by :

There are two ways in which Web survey software uses email. The first and most important way is to send email invitations to take surveys. The program should let you personalize emails with names and other information you have been advance about the people who will be taking your survey. For example, if you are contacting your customers, you might have their name and recent purchases in advance.

Sophisticated programs let you insert information where you like in a message, similar to a word processor using mailmerge features. For example:

Dear John Smith,

We are contacting you today to ask your opinions about the Super Widget that you                  purchased on 11/17/16.

Please use the link below to start your survey:

Thank you very much,

Your Retailer

The first three parts of the above invitation that are shown here in bold characters customize the message with information we had in advance about John Smith’s purchase. The abcde is a password that identifies him to the program, letting them take only one survey and also enabling the program to combine the information we had in advance about him with his survey answers.

Your program should be able to keep track of who has completed your questionnaire and who has started but not completed it. The program should then let you send reminder messages to people who started but didn’t finish and perhaps different messages to people who did not start the questionnaire at all.

The other way in which sophisticated Web survey software can use email is to automatically send a message based on some condition. One way to use this feature is to alert a manager when a customer gives a negative rating. Another way is to have the program send a message to the respondent at the end of the survey thanking them for taking it. The third way is to send a message to the respondent, if they request further information about something.

These email capabilities are an important part of any capable Web survey software.