Engage Your Customers with Web Survey Software

Posted on : March 22, 2015 - by :

Most businesses can profit by learning more about their customers. The easiest way to do that in 2015 is to use web survey software to ask customer opinions about your products and services. You can use their answers to improve both. You can ask customers to rate different aspects of your products or services and why they chose yours over competing ones. If you have a broad range of offerings, you can use questionnaires to learn which kinds of people are most likely to buy which of your offerings.

You can also ask your clients about your web site. Is it easy to use? Can customers find the products or services they want? Can they find information about them?

You know which of your clients contacted your customer service department. It is valuable to learn about their experiences. Was a phone wait too long? Was the customer service agent helpful? Was the customer’s issue resolved?

Good web questionnaire software should make it easy to email survey invitations that are customized with the client’s name and other relevant information, such as the product ordered or the date of a customer service inquiry. The software should automatically combine this information you have in advance about people with their survey answers. Automatically combining data this way makes your analysis more accurate and lets you ask fewer questions, which is always a good thing.

A good tool should help you engage people while they are answering your questions to encourage people to complete the questionnaire and to respond again next time you ask them for their opinions. The page layout should be attractive. You may want to make it match the rest of your website. It shouldn’t advertise the software company, just your company. Pages that advertise another company make your company look less professional and a bit cheap.

There are other ways professional web survey software helps you engage the people taking your survey, but they will be the subject of another blog entry.