Customer Survey Software: How Survey Data Can Help You Grow Your Bottom Line

Posted on : September 26, 2015 - by :

Customer survey software can help you grow your bottom line by telling you what people think of your products or services and how they compare to your competitors’ products or services. The insights you gain can help you learn what you are doing right and what areas might need improvement. These insights provide guidance on where you should focus your resources for the best return on your investment.

They can also suggest themes to use in advertising other product promotion. You can learn which claims you could make that would be believed and which might not. Product or service pricing is another area where you can profit by learning what your clients and potential clients expect or desire.

If your company is well known, like Apple or Ford, you can conduct national surveys asking people what they think of different brands of phones, computers or automobiles. If your company or organization is well known locally, such as a theme park, a medical center or a prominent restaurant, you can focus on the local area.

If your company or organization is not so well known, then a general population survey might not be the best approach, because the percentage of the population that knows about you may be too small. If this is the case, you can still benefit from this software by contacting your own customers. In many cases you will have either their physical addresses or their email addresses, making it easy to send them either a mail survey or an invitation to answer your questions on a Web page.  If you have their phone numbers, you can conduct telephone interviews. Another option at a venue such as a sports arena or theme park is to do in-person data collection with a handheld device, such as a smartphone or tablet.

When you select a tool you should make sure it can handle the modes of data collection you will be using. You should also make sure it can handle the details of your questionnaires, including branching and other logic and any images or video you wish to display.

The knowledge you gain using customer survey software will more than pay for the cost of the software and the time you spend using it.