Hear the Voice of the Customer Using Customer Survey Software

Posted on : May 1, 2015 - by :

Any customer survey software can provide valuable insights, but some software and some insights can be more valuable than others. Any well-designed survey can provide some insights, but the more you can really get into the mind of the customer, the more you can learn.

The greatest insights come from knowing what your customer is really thinking. The answers to multiple choice and rating questions can tell you some of what they are thinking, but the answers to comment type questions can tell you more. The way you collect comments can limit how useful those comments are. If you are doing a web survey or a paper survey, your respondents will type or write in their answers. If you are doing telephone or in person surveys, your interviewers will type in the answers. When interviewers type comments they often make mistakes and will often omit words or phrases, since they cannot type as fast as the respondents are speaking. Even a perfectly accurately typed comment will lose that part of the meaning that was conveyed by the way the respondent spoke it.

Our customer survey software’s Voice Capture Module solves the problem of inaccurately typed answers and lost meaning by recording respondents’ answers in their own voices. When you play back the answers you can hear exactly what the respondents said and how they said them. Hearing recorded answers gives you a deeper understanding of customers’ opinions that can lead to deeper insight.

The Survey System can play the comments back grouped by respondents’ demographic characteristics, helping you know what kinds of people gave the different answers. The Survey System also lets you assign codes to the recorded comments, both to group similar answers together during playback and to enable you to produce numeric tables quantifying how many people mentioned particular ideas. Voice capture can give you the best of both worlds – the insights you would get from a focus group where you can hear the emotions in people’s voices when they answer your questions combined with the statistical reliability of a survey.