Custom Branded Survey Software

Posted on : December 29, 2015 - by :

There is a wide variety of survey software programs and services available today. Many of these, especially the free or very low cost cloud service providers, advertise themselves on your survey pages. That advertising is one of the main reasons they are so inexpensive, though a few expensive services advertise themselves on your surveys anyway. It may be fine for a club that is surveying its members to see “Powered by SurveyDonkey” somewhere on the survey page, but it makes a professional researcher using such a service look cheap.

Some software and services offer what they call private or custom branding, often for a higher fee than they charge when you do display their logo and name. The extent of the control you have over the appearance of your survey pages varies widely. In some cases you may just be able to include your own logo on a survey page. In other cases you may be able to choose fonts and colors, although often from a restricted list. A variation on the restricted list is to let you pick from a series of predefined themes.

The Survey System lets you use whatever fonts Custom Branded Survey Softwar Exampleand colors you wish and provides a wide variety of page, question and answer formatting options. The Survey System also lets you use a Web page template to make survey pages look exactly like the rest of your site or any other way you choose. One way to use a template is to take an appropriate page from your site, edit out the content you don’t want to appear on survey pages and tell The Survey System where on the page to place the survey. The image to the right shows a survey embedded in one of our pages.

Our software also lets you use a Web page template when you set up live online reports. Using this feature can really make your service look more professional than most others.

Few, if any, cloud service providers let you use a Web page template. Most other desktop survey software programs also lack this feature.