Choosing Mobile Survey Software

Posted on : October 24, 2014 - by :

There are two main ways to do surveys on mobile devices. One is to use web surveys. This is usually the best route to take, if you want your respondents to fill out their own surveys. If some people might take your survey on regular PCs, you should use responsive design web survey software that can adapt to PCs, smart phones and tablets. If you are sure that people will only take your survey on mobile devices, you can create surveys that are optimized for small screens.

Mobile Survey Apps

The other way to do surveys on mobile devices is to use true mobile survey Mobile Survey Software software that runs as an app on mobile devices. This is usually the best approach when using interviewers to ask your questions. One big advantage of using an app is that most apps can run without a live Internet connection. This ability lets you conduct surveys in remote locations. One of our clients used The Survey System to interview survivors of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami. A major university uses our software to interview rural populations in Tanzania, India, Senegal and Columbia about their water usage. Others use our software in less exotic locations, such as malls, theme parks or outside movie theaters.

Mobile survey apps should let you upload data to a Web server at the end of each survey or at a later time when a connection is available, if your surveys are conducted in locations without live Internet connections. Our Android survey software has both these abilities.

Another advantage of using a mobile survey software app, rather than a web survey, is that an app can offer the ability to record what people say in response to a question asking for a comment. Given the small size of many mobile devices, recording comments as voice files is often more practical than typing on tiny keyboards. A side benefit is that voice capture files convey much more meaning than typed comments.