Survey Tools Are Good for Your Health

Posted on : June 30, 2016 - by :

Well, perhaps not directly for your personal health, but they are good for your business’s health, which is good for you. Conducting surveys can help your business in two main ways.

  • One is to tell you what your clients and potential clients think about your products and services.
  • The other is to tell you what your employees think about working for your company.

In almost all fields creating a new product or service is time-consuming and expensive. It would not be good for the health of your company to spend substantial resources developing a product or service for which there was not enough interest on the part of your customers and potential customers to warrant the time and effort. One of the best ways to find out if people would be interested in your potential new offering is to ask them.

When it is time to select a survey tool you must first consider how you plan to reach people. Are you planning to call them on the phone? Are you planning to email them invitations? Are you planning to mail the paper questionnaires? Are you planning to have interviewers contact people at an event or other location? You need to make sure that your software can handle the kind or kinds of data collection you wish to use.

Most programs can only conduct Web page surveys. If that is all you wish to do, you have a great many options. If you plan to use any of the other forms of data collection, your choices are much more limited, but you still have a variety of options. If you plan to use more than one form of data collection, your options shrink further, but there are still choices. There are a few tools, such as The Survey System, which can handle all those forms of data collection. Using a tool that can handle all these methods can also be good for your health. Most people who have only one tool available tend to try to solve all problems with it. If you only have a hammer, you will want to use nails. But some problems are better solved with screws. Data collection is the same way. Sometimes one method is better than another. If your software can handle all of the different kinds of data collection, you can decide on the method to use for a particular study based on the the needs of the project – whom you intend to contact, whether there are needs for audio or video and how fast you need the results.