How Can Survey Tools Save You Time?

Posted on : May 12, 2015 - by :

The two main ways survey tools can save you time are by being easy to use and by saving your work for easy reuse. Note that being easy to learn is not the same thing as being easy to use, though reviews sometimes conflate the two. For example, a program that requires you to go through many clear, easy-to-understand screens to accomplish a task can be easy to learn, but time-consuming to use. A tool that is time-consuming to use, is not really easy to use. On the other hand, a program that may be a little harder to learn initially can be very easy and efficient to use once you know it. In the long run, ease-of-use counts much more than ease-of-learning.

The main way a program saves you time is by saving you work. You should only have to enter a question and its answer choices once. The Survey System lets you import a questionnaire from a Word document. It also lets you copy questions, along with any associated logic, from earlier surveys into later ones. If you are typing in a series of similar questions directly into the program, it lets you repeat questions and edit them as needed, instead of re-entering them from scratch.

When you are creating a web questionnaire a good tool should give you many options as to how it looks and works. A program that saves you time lets you save all these choices in a single file with a name you choose, so that you can call them up at a later time without having to re-enter them. You could, for example, save different files with different appearance options for use with different client’s surveys. Then you can recall all the options for a particular client just by entering the name of a file.

When you want to create reports a good tool offers you many options for the content and appearance of each table. A tool that saves you time lets you save all the choices that apply to a particular kind of question in a file with a name, that you can recall as desired and attach to particular questions, so you don’t have to re-enter the same combination of choices over and over again. You will likely want to create several different table format files for different kinds of questions. For example, it may make sense to show means for some kinds of questions, but not others. Similarly, it may make sense to show the answers to certain questions in popularity order, while the answers to other questions have a natural order, in which they should always be displayed, regardless of popularity.

The above are just some of the ways good survey software can you time.