Android Survey Software for In-Person Interviews

Posted on : March 6, 2015 - by :

While web and telephone surveys meet many needs, sometimes you need to talk with people in person. Reasons can be that you want to intercept people as they leave a movie or as they are shopping at a mall or you want to reach people who have neither telephone nor Internet access. Many of the latter can be in remote locations around the world. An example of the latter is a major university using The Survey System to interview rural populations in Africa, India South America.

Android survey software can be an ideal solution for in-person interviews. You can use it on smartphones and tablets wherever you need to talk with people. Any good Android survey software should let you skip questions based on answers to previous questions, show previous answers in the text of the current question and limit which answer choices appear for one question based on the answers picked or not picked in a previous question. For example, you might ask participants which clinics in a list of clinics in their area they have visited in the past year, and then follow that question with a grid asking them to rate the clinics they visited, having the grid only show rows for the clinics they visited.

The most advanced Android survey software has additional special Android Voice Captureabilities. One can be the ability to record participants answers in their own voices. Recording answers in this way is particularly helpful when using small devices, which make typing extended comments difficult. Such Android software should be part of a suite that includes desktop software which can play back the recorded answers in an organized fashion and show demographics about the people giving each answer.

Another special feature to seek is the ability of the smartphone or tablet software to send survey answers to a website, either as each interview is completed or later when an Internet connection is available. This feature makes it much easier to combine the answers from multiple interviewers than if you have to have each device in a central location to copy the answers. This feature can also enable live reports. Another useful feature is the ability to show images as part of your questions. The Survey System has all of these features.