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Survey Tools For Different Data Collection Methods

Posted on : December 31, 2016 - by :

There are several basic questionnaire data collection methods. The most popular today is online, with questions presented on a Web page. A much less frequent variation is to have questions presented in an email. Some very simple surveys use text messages. The gold standard in survey research is telephone interviewing. Another option is in-person interviewing. Read More…

Using Images and Video With Web Survey Software

Posted on : December 16, 2016 - by :

One of the key advantages of online surveys compared with telephone interviewing is that respondents completing their own questionnaire online can see images and video. You can’t present either to someone over the phone. Whether and how you can present images and video depends on the abilities of your web survey software. Most, though not Read More…

Engaging People with Web Survey Software

Posted on : December 14, 2016 - by :

One of the key tasks in creating a survey is to make it engaging enough for people to stay with it and complete it.  Basic web forms have been around for over 20 years.  Some programs still create drab forms just using that standard tool.  More sophisticated web survey software gives you a variety of Read More…