Android Survey Software for Smartphones and Tablets

Small, light Android devices are ideal for conducting in-person surveys at malls, amusement parks, movie theaters, airports, and other public locations. The Survey System's Mobile Survey Software Module offers superior features for conducting both simple and complex interviews on Android smartphones and tablets.

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Off-Line Data Collection with Optional Upload

You can use either standalone Android devices or devices connected to the Web. Transfer questions and answers to and from standalone devices using a USB cable or removable storage card. The Survey System automatically combines data from different devices. You can also conduct surveys off-line and then send the data to a server when you have an Internet connection, either manually or automatically.

The number of questions in a survey and the number of interviews that can be conducted are limited only by the device's memory. The Survey System automatically switches between portrait and landscape modes when you turn the device. You can control colors and font sizes to make smartphone-sized surveys for smartphones and tablet-sized surveys for tablets. You can show images and play MP3 sound files.

The Survey System's Android surveys and questionnaires offer sophisticated questionnaire logic features resulting in higher quality data with more impressive tables, charts and text reports than you can create with other packages. You can even produce reports online.

Android Surveys & Voice Capture

Our Voice Capture Software Module solves the problem of recording extensive comments on smartphones and tablets by letting you record respondents' answers in their own voices. You can later play back these answers for coding and analysis.

Mobile Web Surveys

The Survey System supported mobile devices years before Web developers devised techniques to allow pages to adapt to different devices. The alternative we offered at the time was to make survey pages more compact, mostly by eliminating white space. You can still create such mobile surveys. Now, though, most of our users use our responsive design features to create surveys that adapt in several ways to PCs, smartphones and tablets.

See Web survey software for a description of online surveys, including examples of a responsive design survey and a mobile-first survey. The latter survey works fine on any device, but its appearance is optimized for smartphones.

Save Time

Unlike many other packages you only need enter your question and answer choices and logic instructions once whether for smartphone or tablet interviews (CAPI), Web surveys, email surveys, paper questionnaires and telephone interviews. The Survey System will adapt your questions and answer choices into the necessary format for each type. Contact us today for a free quote