About Creative Research Systems

Creative Research Systems was founded in 1982 to provide software for market researchers, political pollsters, human resource professionals, social scientists, and others who use questionnaires.

Over the past 36 years, Creative Research Systems has established a reputation for developing leading edge survey software in the survey research field. Its products are used in over 50 countries.

Among its many innovations Creative Research Systems was the first to introduce analysis of verbatims (open-end text) in the 1980s, followed by voice recording of interviews allowing the playback of actual speech in 1993. In the mid-1990s, spell checking of surveys was introduced followed by drop out analysis in 2005. The program is now in Version 12.0, which incorporates the extensive experience of the past 36 years.

Creative Research Systems has associate offices in Denmark and distributors in Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand, South Africa, Europe, and Latin America.

Our principals have extensive survey research experience in universities, large corporations and small research firms. We offer consulting services along with our software.

Other survey software services for opinion researchers include a series of free research aids for survey researchers, a data processing service, and web survey hosting.

In addition, Creative Research Systems offers Climex and Dymex for biological researchers. Climex predicts the potential distribution and relative abundance of species in relation to climate. Dymex models natural systems. Contact Creative Research Systems for more on climate matching software and on population modeling software.

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